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Things that are only good once

by Pete on February 8, 2013

There are some things that are great to do over and over, like hugs, and naps, and snacks. Some things are only good to do once.

  1. Puns. Everyone can appreciate clever organization of words. When they start to repeat, no good.
  2. 1=mmm 2=arrrgh


    Heavily-frosted cup cakes. If you like sweets, sure have a thick cup cake. More than one cupcake at a time leads you in diabetes territory.

  3. Kisses on the Cheek. Call me American, but I’m not into multiple kisses hello. No really, call me American. I’m all for extended greetings, but kissing both cheeks seems redundant. And don’t get me started on the triple kiss! Really, call me American.
  4. Tourist Attractions. Go to any tourist attraction in the world. You’ll see know-it-all reciting facts, Asians with expensive cameras, and somebody sulking. That sulking somebody has been there before. Learning history is great. Hearing history that you’ve previously learned is boring as heck.
  5. Extreme Sports. Similar to tourist attractions, it’s all in the novelty. I have many friends who loved skydiving the first time. It’s exciting to freefall towards the earth, the first time. Every single person says when the novelty, it gets boring.

Yes, there are many things out there that are only good in small doses. We know this well. We’re called Get Paid to Try, not Get Paid to Work, or Get Paid to Do Forever. The key word is “try.” Try it out, either way you get paid (that’s the other keyword.)

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