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The International Day of Idleness

by Pete on May 3, 2013

Yesterday was a huge holiday, I’m sure you missed it. It was The International Day of Idleness. Yes, that’s a real thing. In 1966 in Argentina, The World Tramps Congress (also a real thing) named May 2nd as the International Day of Idleness as a response to May 1st being Labor Day. Essentially, it’s a day to do nothing.

You probably didn’t do nothing yesterday, as it was a Thursday. Thursday being a normal work day for the rest of the world, and the Day of Idleness not commonly recognized, it was probably quite difficult to do nothing. You also probably didn’t know about the holiday. It’s ok. On behalf of the World Tramps Congress (which I don’t believe exists anymore,) I forgive you.


Taking a day to do nothing is more than lazy defiance to the working world; it’s extremely healthy for your mind, body, and spirit. In our current age of extensive technology and instant communication, you mind needs a break sometimes. Having a day to clear out can allow you to resharpen your mind. That’s why we have a weekend in our seven day week. Your body also needs rest and idleness. Exercising too much without adequate rest can actually destroy your muscles.

Finally, you need a rest for your spirit. Periodic idleness will rejuvenate your soul. Many religions have weekly Sabbath for this reason. The term “Sabbath” can actually refer to any cyclical period of rest and worship. There are Sabbath weeks, annual Sabbath days, and even seventh year Sabbatical years.

Rest is good for you on many levels. Today is Friday. It’s way easier to do nothing today. Allow your body, mind, and spirit to rest. Go out and do nothing!


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