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Your relationship to money

by Pete on May 29, 2013

Think about your relationship with someone, your spouse, parents, children, or friend. What’s it like? Maybe it’s a loving relationship. Maybe it’s confrontational. Maybe it’s indifferent. Maybe it’s co-dependent. Maybe it’s a combination of all of the above at different times.

We know that our relationship to a person determines 1) how we behave around that person, and 2) how we perceive the person behaves around us. We can look at our relationship with a person as it’s own entity. The nature of the relationship determine how both persons behave in each others’ presence. Since the nature of a relationship is connected to mood, italso determines how often the persons choose to be around each other.

Now think about your relationship to a non-person, either an inanimate object or activity or concept. What’s the nature of your relationship to chicken pot pie? What’s the nature of your relationship to football? Your relationship to those things corresponds with how you feel around it, and ultimately how often it will be around you.

Of course, inanimate objects don’t have their own “feelings.” Chicken pot pie may not consciously choose to be around you because you like it. Football won’t avoid you because you complain that it’s on TV, but your relationship to those things can still determine how it arises in your life. If you hate football, you’re not going to be aware of when the Superbowl is. If you love Chicken Pot Pie, you’ll be more likely to notice a pot pie sale at the grocery store.

Think about your relationship to money. Do you believe only evil people have it? Do you constantly complain that you don’t have enough and that you have a “dog’s life”? If so, you’re unlikely to notice the opportunities greater income in your life. Just like with a person, changing your view on the relationship, stimulate it to be around more often. Let yourself love it like a person. You may notice how available it has been to you all along…


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