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In Case You Missed It…

by getpaidb on January 27, 2014

Last night was the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

It was a truly star-studded event with some amazing performances!

Here is one of the best highlights of the night: A performance by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert, and Madonna, while  33 couples were married by Queen Latifah.



Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

by getpaidb on January 21, 2014

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

A day in which we pay tribute to a great man that had a major impact on the civil rights movement as well as the society we live in today.

Please set aside 2 minutes to see how one man can affect so much change. Feel inspired!




New Haircut

by getpaidb on November 8, 2013

Sometimes a haircut can do wonders for a person (especially a homeless person). If you’re into the whole life-changing-makeover thing, we advise you to watch the video we dug up. A group of individuals took a man off the street and worked some magic on him…

You won’t regret watching it.

Take a Quick Break for This One…

by getpaidb on November 1, 2013

Okay, pause whatever you’re doing. If you’re taking a survey for a $20.00 bonus, take a seven-minute break. Without further ado, we want to show you a really awesome, really inspirational video. It’s of a nine-year-old boy who suffers from stage fright and who stuns an entire audience with his angelic voice. Well, see for yourself:


Choose Your Words

by getpaidb on October 4, 2013

Language is a really complex thing. There are blank words that we hear (and they don’t go any farther than that) and words (full of different trap doors) that we feel. Language can direct and inform us—“Hey, can you pass me that cup?” or “Watch out for that crack!”


Language can make us freeze and fall into a spell. You know, poetic language.


Your choice of words can change a boring story into a really exciting one. From the day to day, we rarely find a use for anything beyond functional language. Words that just, well, work. Nothing fancy or poetic (which is a shame).


We advise you to think more closely about your words. Think about the impact you can have on someone else’s life by adding a touch of poetry into your lingo.


Here’s a perfect example.


Subscriber Update!

by getpaidb on September 30, 2013

Dear Subscribers,


I have an important announcement to make. We’ve been having trouble getting our most exclusive surveys into your mailbox—it’s natural. Things like this happen all the time. We recently discovered that seventy percent of our surveys have been landing in the SPAM folder when we try to deliver them to our subscribers.


SPAM. We all hate it. Sometimes, non-SPAM mail gets pushed into SPAM because your e-mail server is receiving a high volume of messages. Yahoo!, Gmail, and AOL have millions of members, so it would make sense for a few messages to get lost in cyberspace. What does that mean for you?


This kind of Spam is the good kind.

It means you’re missing out on the surveys you signed up for: The ones that put money in your pocket for sharing your opinions on your spare time.


It’s a shame, really. Though, we’re doing our best to find a solution to this problem. For the time being, we advise all our subscribers to check their SPAM folders for lost surveys.


Keep calm and check your SPAM folder.


It’s not too late to earn that extra money you need! The surveys you need have been sent to you. You just need to know where to look.


Best of Luck!

1 Minute of Inspiration

by getpaidb on September 26, 2013

Did you burn your toast this morning? Spilled coffee on your favorite shirt? Maybe someone told you that you weren’t any good. And now, you have no toast. You can’t wear your favorite shirt. And you’re totally down in the dumps because of someone else’s negativity.


I just bumped into a really powerful video. The message is simple, generic, and a tad bit cliché. It’s all been said before. Yet, something about this video still hits home. It works. It’s a simple message that you’ve heard before, squeezed into a minute of inspiration.


You should probably watch it.


No More Clutter

by getpaidb on September 23, 2013

Look around your house. Do you see all that clutter? You and I both know that it’s bad energy.


I don’t know about you guys, but I have a hard time finishing up my chores when clutter is around me. It could be audible clutter (construction workers in the background) or visual clutter (laundry that’s unfolded or little souvenirs that don’t remind me of anything anymore).


Get the clutter organized and you’ll have a clearer state of mind.


Here are some ways I solve my clutter problems.


1. The first thing I do is sit down and think of three items I can’t live without. Then, I put everything else in two boxes. Box one is for complete garbage; box two is for garbage I don’t want to throw away just yet.


Don’t be afraid to throw out a ton of stuff. Just think of all the open space you’ll be left with. It’s my favorite method to de-clutter my mind.


2. Get a scanner and go digital. The hardest thing to throw away is a photo collection. I used to have boxes of photos that were just taking up real estate in my attic. The best way to keep your photos is to go digital. I now scan my photos and store them all in a hard drive that I can fit in my pocket. If you still have paper bank statements, just go paperless. Make a habit of keeping your most important documents in one place. Everything else can go into the hard drive. It’s cleaner and more efficient anyway.


There are many smartphone apps out there that turn your phone into a portable scanner.

3. Take up a completely new philosophy when decorating. Scale back on the ribbons and the bells and whistles. Less is more. Don’t crowd the walls and tables with ornaments and portraits. Don’t buy a rug you don’t need. Keep the candles to a minimum—one is enough. Minimalism and neatness looks better than any complicated design (it’s also easier to maintain).


Less is more.

If you want to bring life into a room, invite some guests over for lunch. You and I know that’s good energy.

They Can Smell Fear

by getpaidb on September 19, 2013

Here’s a conversation I had with my ten-year-old son. Man, I just had to share it.


“How was your first week of school?”


“Short or long version, mom?”


“Long, please.”


“Okay. We did some penmanship stuff, organized our lockers, I got my list of new words. Still learning that. Did math, multiplication stuff. I made that macaroni card—”


“That was lovely.”


“—and I stood up to this bully. We choose groups for class Jeopardy. Stacy’s on my team again. She better help out this time…”


“Wait. Bully?”


“Yeah, mom. Roxie’s kid, Arthur? Tall, wore that yellow shirt on Wednesday. Ring any bells?


“Roxie… Roxie…”


“Mom, the lady who just moved into the house across the street from Joanna. You just got off the phone about this.”


“Oh, Roxie. Hold on, mister. You need to stop eavesdropping on my phone calls… Should I speak to Joanna about this?”


“No, I took care of it mom.”


“Like…. How?”


“You ignore the gestures and threats and hold your ground. Bullies can smell fear. It’s like their food.”


 photo Lynx_zps501eb22e.gif

Sometimes, it’s better to run!


“And who taught you this, smarty-pants?”


“The Discovery Channel, did like a special on predator sy-cha-lo- something.”




“Yeah, Sy-ca-logy. A predator wants fear. If they don’t detect it, they’ll look somewhere else. Mom, you should try it. I just stood there and was like, ‘Arthur, you’re not scary. Cut it out.’ So he just left me alone.”


“I think he wants friends. He’s the new kid. Maybe you should find out what he likes?”


“I can’t be friends with the enemy, mom. He’s on team B for group Jeopardy.”

Tough Gig

by getpaidb on September 16, 2013

Ladies, we have work to do! If you’re a mom, please roll up your sleeves. Follow me! We’re going to the White House! I want some changes and I want them now!


Let’s talk benefits.


Listen, people. Moms got a tough job. It’s a 9am-9am gig, okay? First order of business: I want a 75 percent discount everywhere I go. We can negotiate that and start at 70 percent. Seriously, a mom paying full price for something is a ridiculous idea. I don’t know how it’s gone on for so long!


 photo img_0200_zps702f42f6.png

Awww. Seriously, that discount.

Free parking for moms, too! Why should we have to wait behind non-moms? They’re not creating the future! Moms invent babies. Babies grow up to be inventors. Inventors make the world a better place. Where are our loyalties? We’ll take the free parking and call it even.


Second order of business: government-funded vacations for any woman with more than two kids—I want the spa treatment, three-course meals, the whole shebang. When I see Silicon Valley executives flaunting their money and corporations getting bailouts and greedy politicians using taxpayer dollars for personal trips, I get irate! I mean, that money could be going toward my manicure. Where’s the justice, folks?


I apologize for the rant. I feel better now. Let’s go to the White House another time.


 photo handsbaby_zpsd86acce1.jpg

Most rewarding thing about motherhood? Well. Sometimes the chaos is worth it. Very, very worth it.


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