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Fulfill Your Desires or Else Be Traumatized!

by Pete on May 6, 2013

Have you ever noticed a dog shudder? Almost all mammals, including us humans, will shudder from time to time. Shuddering is not just a random body movement. Actually, there are very few “random” body movements. Almost everything we do has an important purpose. Sneezing and coughing expel germs from our bodies, yawning helps bring oxygen to the brain when we’re tired, and shuddering prevents trauma.

imagesTrauma occurs anytime that an action gets interrupted. For example, if a dog sets the intention to run after a ball, it’s neuromuscular system is activated to run till the ball is reached. If something were to startle the dog, the activation of it’s body would be unfulfilled and would sit as trauma in the dog’s joints. The dog must shudder in order to relieve the activation. If the dog doesn’t either eventually complete the action, or shudder the activation off, the activation will damage the dog’s neuromuscular system.

The same goes for us human beings. Humans are the only animal that won’t let itself shudder because of “pride” and “consciousness.” Yes, it’s not as often that we are derailed from chasing a ball, yet we still are susceptible to effects. The saddest part is that this kind of “ambition trauma”  is that we can usually control it.

How often do we desire something then don’t let ourselves have it? The vacation? The ice cream? The attention? These desires we have, big and small are the same as the dog wanting to chase the ball. If we let these desires go unfulfilled the sit and fester in the backs of our minds and can reveal themselves at the most inopportune times. If you couldn’t confidently ask for a raise, it probably means you didn’t believe you deserved it. You didn’t believe you deserved it because you let yourself have the things you want. If you won’t give you what you want, why should your boss give it to you?

Yes there plenty of good reasons to deny a desire. Maybe you need to be frugal. Maybe you don’t have time. Just be aware of the trauma. There is of course a second way to deal with it…shuddering. We’ll go over that in the next post.

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