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Friday Fortune: Resistance is futile

by Pete on June 7, 2013

fortune-cookie-copywriterIt’s easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.

Of course it is. This fortune can be interpreted in two ways. First we need to look at whether it’s “good resistance” or “bad resistance.”

The good kind of resistance would be referred to as will power. We put up resistance when we know we shouldn’t do something that we may feel the urge to do, such as eating a pint of ice cream on a regular basis. If you know you have a binge junk food eating problem, you better stay away from the first bite. It will only get harder to stop as you go. Much more meaningful examples can be found in your relationships with people. How often do you find yourself on a wild goose chase with a person? Or trapped in an obligation? Or at the worst, stuck in a relationship long after it’s due? Nip it in the bud instead!

The other interpretation of our Friday Fortune is with “bad resistance.” Sometimes we put up false resistance out of fear. For instance, sometimes we know the thing that we have to do, but we make excuses. Procrastination is ultimate form of mental resistance. Diet is a common example. The fortune rings true that it’s much easier to resist the healthy foods at the beginning. Once your get into the diet and are used to it, you won’t resist as much. A bigger example would be that in life you often just need to push through in the beginning. Once you get past your initial mental blocks, it’s easier make it through any challenge.

The fortune overall can be translated to a simple instruction: What you do first sets the tone for the entire process. If you “give in to temptation” at the beginning, you’ll be stuck there the whole time. If you start off on the right foot, it will only get easier to do the right thing. Make your start count!


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