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Friday Fortune: You are the creation of yourself.

by Pete on June 14, 2013

Every person in the creation of him or herself, the image of his own thinking and believing.

Every person in the creation of him or herself, the image of his or her own thinking and believing.

Today’s Friday Fortune may seem less cryptic and more “highway motivation.” On the surface it may seem like something a hippie might tell you while handing you a flower in the park. Let’s start with a little abstraction.

“I think, therefore, I am.” ~Rene Descartes

Descartes’ famous saying acknowledged that the only reality we can experience is limited, augmented, and ultimately governed by perception. The both beautiful and scary part of life is that this perception, and ultimately the reality which we experience is entirely within our control. You’ve all heard the cliche, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” Further than a reaction, it’s your expectations that determine you life.

“Perception creates reality, not the other way around.” ~Sean Stephenson

The most concrete way of explaining this is in the psychological phenomenon of the “self-fulfilling prophecy.” For example, a positive child expects to do well on a school exam, since she expects to do well, she’s more motivated to study effectively. Of course the effective studying leads to a better score on the exam. A negative child who expects to fail won’t bother studying because “it’s useless.” Naturally the child who doesn’t study does poorly.

We can find examples of this in every walk of life; career, family, love and relationships. The external world you experience in daily life will always match the world you’ve created inside your mind. If you don’t like certain things about yourself, your relationships, or life circumstance, it can be hard to accept. On the flip side it reminds us that we can guide everything we experience. To live a more fulfilling life, all you need to do is live life fulfilled. You are the creation of yourself, an image of your thinking and believing.


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