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Friday Fortune: The Mystery and Reality of Life

by Pete on May 31, 2013

Starting this week, we’ll be posting some words of wisdom via the category, “Friday Fortune.” Fortune cookies, while fun and delicious, can also carry some very potent wisdom. Here’s this week’s fortune.


Life is not a mystery to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.

Many of us read books, and blogs, and magazine articles on “how to” do this or that. Our education system is based on figuring stuff out. Politicians, religious leaders, and talk show hosts all tell us how to live our lives. It’s all based on the idea that there is some sort of predetermined order, or some absolute best way that life should be lived. Politicians continue to debate over it, bloggers keep blogging, and men with guns create wars over this idea that THEY have the solution to life’s mystery and any other solution is wrong.

The fact is, that no one has the answer, because there is NO solution. Dr. Brad Blanton writes in his book, “Radical Honesty” an example of this truth with which how “moralists,” people who believe there are ultimate solutions to life, view stress. He writes “Moralists who read about ways to beat stress only make those ways into new rules with which to oppress themselves.” He means that those who view “stress” as a mystery to be solved are missing the point. The whole reason they are stressed is that they feel they need to be conforming to an ultimate solution.

Life is not a mystery, it’s a reality. The fortune cookie above means to tell us that things are the way they are. We don’t need to figure things out. A better question than “why is the sky blue?” is “how is the sky so beautiful?” A better question than “what SHOULD I do with my life?” is “what WILL I do next?”

Stop solving. Experience your reality. When in doubt, TRY.

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