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Friday Fortune: Old memories, young hopes

by Pete on June 21, 2013

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“We must always have old memories and young hopes.”

Happy Fortunate Friday everybody! Today’s fortune is particularly potent for entering a weekend. No matter your age or life experience, relatively old memories and young hopes will make your present day more pleasant.

What does it mean to have old memories? How can a young child have an old memory? It’s not the number of years, but the assessment of experience that makes a memory “old.” The “age” of a memory depends on how much we value that a previous moment in time occurred. The passage of time on a clock or calendar is relative. Old memories belong to those you pack their existence with much meaning. Your memories don’t all have to be pleasant. Your experience, whatever it is, has created who you are today.

What of young hopes? The fortune uses the word “young” in the sense that it’s new and exciting. Just saying the phrase “old hopes” feel dull and almost regretful. Having young hopes implies that you either quickly accomplish your hopes and dreams and must continuously think bigger, or at the very least have just had a conscious change of perspective. Growth requires new and unknown. New and unknown is certainly young.

Having old memories and young hopes is a way to view the world. You value all that you’ve experienced so far. You value all the “old” stuff as that is what will guide you into the future. You also keep your heart young. Curiosity, desire for more, and new shifts in thinking are what let you elevate to the next level. Be kind to your past, be excited for you future, be in your present. You’ll find much more happiness and fulfillment in life when you can sit in the present moment with full acceptance of those times past and those yet to come.


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