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Create Internal Change

by Pete on June 19, 2013

images (2)Be the change you wish to see in the world


On Monday we spoke of the alchemical principle that to change something about your life experience, you must change your relationship to that thing. To change your relationship with an entity, you must change yourself. Other than just reading motivational posters that say “Change comes from within,” how can you actually make that change?

Human beings have a habit of fallin into roles based on the environment. For example, the statement “I am confident,” is actually meaningless by itself. “To be” anything requires context. You can say “I behave confidently around friends and family, and behave less confidently at work.” Internal change requires specificity.

First, define the things that you want, and state it in a clear concise sentence. Start with something simple like “I want a raise to earn $200 more per week.” Simple doesn’t mean small. For a desire to have a large enough effect on you to produce change, you must desire the thing strongly enough. Feel what the desire. If it doesn’t excite you, you need to think bigger.

Next, imagine the type of person that already has that. Using the money example, ask “what kind of person earns $200 more per week?” In other words, “what kind of person DESERVES $200 more than I earn right now?” Feel how this person speaks, how this person walks, how this person talks. How would this person spend his or her time?

Finally, see yourself as this person. Bring all the abstract feeling to real actions. Dedicate an hour of awareness to assimilating “that person who has it” into your reality. This means going about your day as you would, but consciously checking every action, every thought, every word. Ask yourself, “Is this congruent with the person that (fill in the blank with your desire)?” Consider it like WWJD? but for you own personal journey. Be the change.


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