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Are Humans the smartest?

by Pete on May 22, 2013

Us bipedal naked apes like to think that we own the planet. After all, we build cities, conquer natural forces, and create music videos. But are we really the smartest? Here are few animals that might give us a run for our money:

  1. octopus-1Octopi. Octopi are one of the coolest pets you can have. There are also among hardest to own and the most expensive. An octopus can escape just about any habitat. If you leave an opening large enough for it’s hard beak, it will find a way to get it’s entire body through. Octopi have the ability to mimic creatures like coral and flounders. They also are able to unscrew jars and complete human-like cognitive tasks. Some biologist pose that the only reason octopi haven’t “controlled” the Earth the way that humans have is because their lifespan is only two years. (Global domination is hard in just 24 months.)
  2. Dolphins. Dolphins possess incredibly high Emotional Quotients and can read emotion on humans better than many humans! They also are able to use despite not having opposable thumbs. Dolphins are known to teach each other how to use sponges to protect their snouts as they forage on the seafloor.
  3. Elephants. Elephants have incredible memories, being able to recognize and remember people from decades ago. Some elephants have been known to recognize themselves in the mirror. Even more astounding is that their ability to sense each others’ emotions are postulated by some to be even stronger than that of humans. Elephants communicate through vibrations in their feet and convey emotion very effectively this way. Elephants are quite altruistic too. They console fellow family members and even help other species in times of need!


Octopi, dolphins, and elephants might not build cities or speak English, but that doesn’t mean they are any less smart than we are!

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