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by Pete on April 19, 2013

Allergy season is fast approaching in the Northeast. Some parts of the country are already at full blast with the allergy invasion. What can we do about it?

allergy_385x261First you should know what allergies are. An allergy is at specific reaction to a normally harmless substance. Dust, dander, and pollen shouldn’t cause us to sneeze or get itchy. It does because our bodies treat them as an invading substance. Allergies are partly genetic. You can’t do anything about that. Allergies are also affected by your condition. That you can do something about.

Allergies get worse when we’re sick, tired, stressed, under-rested, or eating poorly. If you know you get allergies around spring time, you’d be doing yourself a huge favor to get more sleep and at more vegetables. Get your Vitamin C too. Your immune system will be taxed fighting off the “false invader” allergens and the regular germs it normally fights. Vices like smoking, alcohol, and sugary artificial foods can slightly weaken your immune system which can become a big deal if you are sensitive to allergens.

During the day you can keep your eyes clean by wearing wrap-around sunglasses. You can keep your airways clean with a neckerchief. You may not want to wear it all day for fashion purposes, but it can be especially important when you drive with the windows open. 670,000 auto-accidents each year are caused by sneezing.

Shower just before you go to sleep during allergy season. This will keep your bed clean of allergens and will help prevent waking up in allergic discomfort. Also you can try covering your face while you sleep. Finally, ger yourself a nasal spray. Nasal spray steroids have greatly reduced the need for anti-histamines shots.

Stay indoors. Stay clean. Stay unaffected by allergens (as much as possible.) Let’s look forward to Autumn!



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