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Alchemizing your life

by Pete on June 17, 2013

The alchemical lead into gold process. Most view it as simply a metaphor for transforming your world.

The alchemical lead into gold process. Most view it as simply a metaphor for transforming your world.

In various ancient texts, they speak of the study of alchemy. Most of us have heard of alchemy as a magical process of turning lead into gold. On the surface, that’s all that alchemists do. We see it as impossible so we dismiss it as nonsense. It may be true that lead can’t magically turn into gold, but there you can still use alchemical principles in your life. Even though you won’t literally create gold, the study of alchemy can show you how to create all sorts of wealth. Below you’ll find principles that you can take to the bank.

Every entity has an “essence.”

Thought alchemy is often seen as quack science, it ironically shares many concepts with quantum physics. One is that matter and energy are the same thing in different forms, and can even be both depending on how you observe it. What we call a tree, an alchemist calls energy “tree-ing” or “doing tree” or in “tree formation.” Take from this that no form is permanent. Anything can and will change forms with time, attention, and action.

There is a relationship between every two entities.

Alchemy talks a lot about the “third.” Since matter equals energy and energy equals matter, the energy between two pieces of matter can also be treated as matter. Think about the “nature of your relationship” to your best friend, or your worst enemy. You can feel the difference of that “third.” Remember you have a moldable relationship to everything, even abstract concepts like “wealth” and “happiness.”

Changing one party in a relationship changes the other party and the relationship itself.

If you have subservient relationship to your boss, for instance, you may behave awkwardly around you and he may behave superior around you. One day you get promoted above him. Assuming that you change to suit your new position, he will have to change from acting superior to you, and the relationship itself will no longer be subservient. The trick to alchemy is learning to change your relationship to things and the things themselves by changing who you are internally. More on this to come.

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